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  • I love your website, best on the web.

    Gilles P
  • I am using your site for one week for Spanish and I must say it is pure gold. It works great, I am enjoying myself while learning and I remember the new vocabulary.

    Barbora K
  • Thank you so much for the daily flashcard I have received since 2011. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning from my daily messages. I now have less need to communicate in Dutch and so have chosen not to continue. I think you are doing a great job and if you could ever support me in Hungarian in the future let me know! Thank you so much

    Jane T.
  • Been using this site for about a year, since I was just beginning Swedish. Now, I can consider myself semi-fluent! Loving this site, and all their other language learning sites.

  • I finally have found some time to commit to learning Thai and have been using your FLASHCARDS site regularly over the past month or so. It's absolutely brilliant; stellar sound clips and useful day to day conversational content.

    Bruce S.

  • Thanks! Yours is a pretty amazing site. For folks who want to complement serious language learning, I could not recommend anything better .... especially for folks in Taiwan. :) Keep it up ... I'm a fan!

    Wells H.
  • I seriously love your sites. I am basic French and German at the moment and this year will definitely upgrade at least one of them. You do an absolutely great job. I teach English in Germany and am always talking to people and recommending your site. Congratulations on an awesome job.

  • Many thanks for your work in putting the site together. It's a great site, a real service to people. I am finding it easy to link Chinese characters and English meanings, but much more difficult to link the Chinese characters with pronunciations. Still, I am making some progress!

    Ronald M.
  • Thanks a lot for your perfect website and its amazing language system. I have so far followed all your e-mails and language instructions and been really grateful for your awesome materials. Thanks to your one of a kind online language learning system, this has so far been an awesome experience to learn this language with lot and lots of smiles. Thanks a million!

  • What a wonderful site! I am amazed at what you offer for free and I have to say this is one of the best sites that I have seen. I was glad to add that link on the student links page for High School and also on the Elementary Student Links Page. Keep up the good work!

  • I like this website very much because it helps me a lot knowing how to speak in Japanese language since I am a Japanese mestiza. I love this website very, very much. More power to it. God bless.

  • Thank you for providing the content! :) Your flashcards were one of the key elements of my French-learning journey & now I'm using them for Spanish as well. You have a really good thing going, so good luck with its future development!

    Veselina K.
  • This site is great! I especially like the daily sentence and word sent to my email, its great for just keeping my mind fresh. Great job with this site :) thank you for creating it and putting so much work into it!

  • I am 78 years old and had studied German for 2 years 60 years ago and never resumed it. About 3 years ago I decided to start again and discovered 2 things: 1. All I knew returned immediately 2. I had great difficulty learning anything new! I guess my hard disk was full. Since then, with FlashCards my reading has improved tremendously. Thank you!

    Pedro from Brazil
  • Thanks for your terrific site! I just upgraded and have been enjoying it tremendously so far. Getting the daily emails has really helped me to keep on task with my studying. My husband, who is a language nerd, also thinks it is excellent and we really appreciate the friend-upgrade bonus.

  • Very well structured and organized. Easy to understand and fast to learn. Creative and fun. Great Job!!!!!

    Marina T.
  • I love the e-mails I get each day. They are exactly the right level for me, and the right amount of information - not embellished or encumbered by loads of add ons or 'look over here as well or instead' type things to overwhelm and distract one from simply learning a few more words. I love the simple layout too.

    Jane L
  • Nothing beats your flash-card site, I am an avid proponent and evangelist of your product!

    Gerrit S
  • I found your website very helpful and I use it often. I'd say that it is the best free website for learning Spanish.

    Shubham Goyal
  • This website is so great specially for beginners just like me. For me this is the easiest to learn language. E.g. I can get information about a word in a sentence what I've never heard before but also if I've learned a new word i would like to practice in correct sentences. Thank you!

  • I came across the flashcard method, and found your website! It has gotten me to a survival level in a couple days. Of course, I'm using it every day for at least 5 hours a day, so you can imagine how long I sit on here. Thanks for all the work everyone does!

    Colten Derks
  • I have definitely learned a lot from the various sites you have made and the wonderful vocabulary lists. I am a big believer in vocabulary/sentence learning, and I think your site is set up in a very functional and interesting way.

    Andrew J. Stein
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