English Sentence:

Radiation from mobile phones can possibly cause cancer.

Portuguese Translation:

A radiação de telefones celulares pode causar câncer.

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Words used:


1. the (female) 2. it, them 3. at, by, in, of, on, till, under, upon 4. her, them (female) 5. to, towards

Here: the (female)

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radiation, ray

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1. of 2. from 3. to 4. in 5. than 6. by 7. on 8. for

Here: of

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telefone m.

1. telephone 2. telephone number

Here: telephone

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celular m.

1. cellular 2. mobile phone, cell phone

Here: mobile phone, cell phone

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1. can 2. to be able to 3. may, might

Here: can

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to cause, to motivate, to originate, to produce

Here: to cause

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1. cancer (illness) 2. cancer (zodiac sign)

Here: cancer (illness)

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