Portuguese Word: causar
English Meaning: 1. to cause 2. to motivate

Word Forms: causa, causada, causadas, causado, causados, causai, causais, causam, causámos, causamos, causando, causara, causará, causaram, causáramos, causarão, causarás, causaras, causardes, causarei, causareis, causáreis, causarem, causaremos, causares, causaria, causariam, causaríamos, causarias, causaríeis, causarmos, causas, causasse, causásseis, causassem, causássemos, causasses, causaste, causastes, causava, causavam, causávamos, causavas, causáveis, cause, causei, causeis, causem, causemos, causes, causo, causou

Example Sentences:

Os incêndios na Austrália causaram muitos danos.
The fires in Australia caused lots of damage.
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O que causa acne?
What causes acne?
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A sogra dele está lhe causando problemas.
His mother-in-law is giving him a hard time.
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A radiação de telefones celulares pode causar câncer.
Radiation from mobile phones can possibly cause cancer.
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