Portuguese Word: a
English Meaning: 1. the (feminine singular) 2. them 3. at, by, in, of, on, till, under, upon 4. her, them (female) 5. to 6. towards 7. it

Example Sentences:

A parada militar acontecerá amanhã.
Tomorrow the military parade takes place.
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A luta entre Israel e o Hezbollah não dá sinais de que irá acabar.
Fighting between Israel and Hezbollah shows no signs of letting up.
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Eu terminei de fazer a minha lição de casa.
I have finished doing my homework.
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Ele disse que lutou contra a doença do alcoolismo por toda a sua vida adulta.
He said that he has battled the disease of alcoholism for all of his adult life.
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A Áustria é um país pequeno.
Austria is a small country.
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Alguém roubou a minha bicicleta.
Somebody stole my bicycle.
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Hoje a polícia confirmou que trinta pessoas foram mortas em um ataque de carro-bomba.
Today police confirmed that thirty people were killed in a car bomb attack.
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