Italian Word: per la prima volta
English Meaning: for the first time
German Meaning: zum ersten Mal

Example Sentences:

I Giochi Olimpici Estivi ebbero luogo per la prima volta nel 1896 in Grecia.
The Summer Olympic Games took place for the first time in 1896 in Greece.
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L'anno prossimo visiterò per la prima volta le Filippine.
Next year I will visit the Philippines for the first time.
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L'ho incontrato per la prima volta ieri.
I met him yesterday for the first time.
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Related Words:


1. in order that 2. times (math multiplication) 3. per 4. to 5. by (math division) 6. as 7. for 8. along

Here: in order that, for, along

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1. the (feminine singular) 2. her (direct object pronoun) 3. you (formal)

Here: (female article)

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primo   (Pl: primi, Fem: prima, Pl Fem: prime)


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volta   (Pl: volte)


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