Italian Word: la
English Meaning: 1. the (feminine singular) 2. her (direct object pronoun) 3. you (formal)
German Meaning: der, die, das

Word Forms: l'

Example Sentences:

Le ho detto che la amo.
I told her that I love her.
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Nel marzo 1944 la Germania iniziò a occupare l'Ungheria.
In March 1944, Germany started to occupy Hungary.
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La Russia è la nazione più vasta della terra.
Russia is the largest country on earth.
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La capitale della Spagna è Madrid.
Madrid is the capital of Spain.
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Ai bambini piace saltare con la corda.
Children like to jump rope.
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La costa orientale degli Stati Uniti è sull'oceano Atlantico.
The east coast of the United States is on the Atlantic ocean.
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La classe studia in silenzio.
The class studies in silence.
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Related Words:


1. the (feminine plural) 2. them 3. her 4. to you (formal)

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