Practicing German with a learner or a native?  by MelissaM   12. Oct 2015   German

Hello! Is there anybody interested in being my German buddy (learner or native German) whom would speak German with me?

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Korean Study Partner  by Taekook_Hyunjin_Haruto   21. Dec 2020   Korean

Hi! I've been studying Korean for a while now and I'm now at an intermediate level but I would like someone to study with. Will anyone be my study partner? I use email :)

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Practice speaking German  by dillllino   1. Feb 2017   German

Hello, Is there anybody interested in being my German buddy (learner or native German). I am an intermediate German user.

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Chinese conversation 中文聊天  by ziggyziggy   13. Dec 2021   Chinese

I'm looking for a native Chinese speaker in Nîmes, for mutual help in Chinese and French (I also speak English and Italian).
Je cherche un(e) Chinois(e) pour conversation amicale, pour mieux connaître la langue chinoise / française (je parle aussi anglais et italien).

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groseille à maquereau  by NedM   25. Nov 2021   French

Does anyone know why gooseberry is called berry of mackerel? It just seems so wrong.

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Can I  by gracias   25. Sept 2017   Spanish

What is the difference between "me podrias dar una bolsa" and "Puedo tener una bolsa." both seem to be translated as can I have a bag. The first rendition seems to be translated more accurately as " are you able to give me a bag?
Your thoughts appreciated.

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one more suggestion  by elektra369   18. Jul 2006   Chinese

I just decided to print out part of my list of unknown characters, so I can review them when I'm offline. What would be really useful for me is that when they print, the characters are separate from the pinyin.

Is there any way to make a printer-friendly version of the active words - maybe with three columns - character, pinyin and english?


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Correct measure word??  by PietZaa   23. Jun 2018   Chinese

In the exercises of Mandarin Chinese I saw this example:

你 看過 這個 電影 嗎 ?
你 看过 这个 电影 吗 ?
nǐ kàn guò zhè ge diàn yǐng ma?
Have you seen this movie?

Is this the correct measure word, because in other examples the word "bù" is mentioned?

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Looking for Chinese idioms  by lamenramen   15. Apr 2018   Chinese

Hi, is there an "idioms" category? I find myself really needing say the top 100 most encountered ones. It would help alot of us out!

Thank you!

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I can help you  by yyyy   9. Feb 2012   Portuguese

Hi! I'm Brazilian and i can help you to learn portuguese
add me on messenger

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Study thai together  by Yoram_sasson   6. Oct 2018   Thai

Hi i'm looking for more pepole to practice thai.
I'm on advence level.

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Learn thai  by suzyyy   20. Jun 2021   Thai

Hi i am an intermediate thai learner. I can read and speak a little and i really need a native thai speaker to help me with my thai. There're so much more thing that i need to learn. Please hit me up we will contact each other via email.

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Learn French  by analucardosoa   10. Jun 2021   French

Hey, I would love to have someone to talk french to. Does anyone want to practice writting skills? We could do via email.

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Russian Study Partner  by JJStarwind   23. Apr 2020   Russian

For the person I talked with on another website for language exchange. This forum is for me and you only. User name is JJ Starwind. Message me when you find this thread.

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Just started today,I would like to have a buddy or buddies to study Korean.  by AlexMarieStudies   12. Apr 2020   Korean

i'm looking for a friend or friends that can use email and snail mail to have a little study session each day to learn Korean. i started today and would like to work with a buddy or buddies to learn Korean. i am planning in a couple of years to go to south Korea and learn the culture. i would like to hear what would you all think!!

here is my email-

hope to see anyone willing to study with me!! And i just started today. i do have another website i am going to use to help my study, if anyone has ideas to help study or just wants to be a friend that wouldn't mind if we did study, I wouldn't mind at all!! no matter i accept anyone and anyone is welcome!!

I also do zoom meetings when i can, but i don't have i microphone and still haven't learned the keyboard on computer for Korean. I hope that also anyone who wants to do this that we can become friends!!

Thank you to everyone who is reading this. Have a good evening!!

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Hi! I need help learning French!  by Unicorn_2010   14. Jul 2020   French

I want a study partner to help me with my French. I want to know all the words people actually use in casual conversations, so if I ever go to Paris again, I will be ready. In return, I can help you learn Hebrew or English. But it seems like everyone already knows English, so it might not be useful. But it's the only language I'm fluent in.

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Hello!  by Lesgrand123   13. Aug 2020   French

I need a fluent French partner to help me study French. I am at the intermediate level in French.

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can anyone teach me french???  by frenchandhaylei   7. Nov 2020   French

hi does anyone know how to speak french? i suck at french but i still want to learn,:)

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Hi  by Olarezk   25. Aug 2020   French

I need a fluent French partner to help me study French. I love french. I am at the intermediate level in French

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hiatus and enchainement vocalique  by sara_m   9. Dec 2020   French

does enyone know what is the difference between "hiatus" and "enchainement vocalique" in french?

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KOREAN STUDY PARTNER!  by shallom   28. Nov 2020   Korean

I would love to find someone to practice Korean with.Either you are a native speaker or you are a learner like me!
I would love to go to Korea and study for a few years, But learning the language has not been the easiest thing, That is why I need your help...Thank you Reach out as soon as you can

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would anyone like to study french with me?  by frenchandhaylei   7. Nov 2020   French

hi i am looking for study buddies,if you know french or dont know french but your still learning the language thats great because we can learn together

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Delete Account  by   9. Jan 2014   German

Does anyone know how to delete an account on this ?

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Korean study partner  by kmcanim5122   21. Apr 2020   Korean

Looking for a Native Korean speaker as a study Partner to improve our language skills ( if you wish to study English and Korean together )

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Native English speaker Learning French  by   6. Apr 2020   French

I am native speaker of english. I am learning french and i would love to practise speaking with a native french speaker. In return, i can help your english speaking as well.

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Thai pronunciation  by Rattanapong   13. Jun 2020   Thai

Sawadee khrap
Anyone who can help me with pronunciation of Thai vocabularies please and a native English speaker please

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Danish  by Danish19   2. Apr 2020   Danish

I'd like to find someone to learn Danish with to get some practice.

Or just share the culture.

Anyone Danish out there?

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Swedish  by K3l3b3k   3. Nov 2018   Swedish

Looking for a friend that i can talk and learn some swedish.


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i need a buddy in my journey of learning korean language ..please help me  by jelz   11. Jun 2018   Korean

i need a buddy in my journey of learning korean language ..please help me

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Friends  by yuliya.filina2001   6. May 2018   Spanish

Hello! Im russian. would like to communicate with people who know Spanish or English.I can help you learn Russian

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Adventures  by Celuici   24. Jan 2020   French

Is anyone else irritated by the bi-lingual nature of the Adventures.

Wouldn't it be far better in terms of language acquisition if the questions, hints, go to's etc. were also in French?

(P.S. Don't want to be too critical of this amazingly good learning program. Just offering a thought.)

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Learning Korean  by Yeseriakook   28. Oct 2019   Korean

I am learning Korean but I need someone to help me study Korean.

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Greek  by cjj   11. Aug 2018   Greek

Hi, is anyone able to help me learn Greek? I have studied for about a year but unfortunately I never use it so I have forgotten a lot...

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How to type stress mark  by ghekoinhammock   23. May 2017   Greek

Can anyone tell me how to type a stress mark over a letter please.

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Japanese  by Burt111   5. Jan 2018   Russian

Anybody need help with Japanese? I'm a retired Japanese teacher at Columbia University.

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How? Conlang?  by LittleGrell   13. Mar 2019   Japanese

Does anyone know how you can share your conlang with people who might be interested in it? I'm kinda desperate because I don't know how to proceed...

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Help with Korean Name Meaning  by nutz23   31. Oct 2018   Korean

Hello, I'm searching for someone to help me learn the meaning of my husbands Korean name. (Tae Wan)태완

Can anyone help me? We recently found out we are expecting our first baby boy and would like to past down the name.

We know Tae can mean "Great". But dont know what "Wan" means or the combination of "Tae-Wan".

Thank you soo much!

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no sound anymore... ??  by Rmx   17. Mar 2011   Russian

I don't understand, no sound is played anymore, and button doesn't even appears.
I've tryed any settings, and can assure you that it's not the problem... am I alone in that case ?

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Native Russian  by Sasan-123   28. Sept 2018   Russian

Hello friends!

I am studying russian and looking for a native russian to help me. I proudly would help you in Persian (farci) and English.


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Japanese buddy  by mitsue628haruka   6. Apr 2018   Russian

Hello! I'm self-learning Japanese for many years now and it could only get you so far. Is someone interested in being my Japanese buddy? It would be fun if I can practice the things I learned here. I speak fluent English and Filipino. Thanks!

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Looking for thai learners  by Yoram_sasson   1. Aug 2018   Thai

Hi my name yoran and i looking so practise with ather pepole thae thai language.

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i wish to have a study buddy !!!!!!  by zsami19   14. Mar 2016   Russian

i'm excellent in english but i wish to have russian friends or study buddy who is russian , to practice russian !!!!!!!!!!!

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Help with a word, see this more often  by KelbeyW   20. Feb 2017   Thai

So a word like this one:


is kà nàat, but why is the second part a low tone? It starts with a low consonant, has a long vowel and ends with a dead consonant, so shouldn't it be a falling tone? And I thought low consonants can never have a low tone >

Or are there exceptions to the rule? This isn't the first word with this.

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SUBSCRIPTION AUTO-RENEW  by percorso   19. Feb 2013   Thai

Hi ! ... I upgraded today to premium and I noticed that in my account information there is written "auto-renew" of my subscription ...
This mean at the end of the paied year my paypal account will automatically debited from the website for another year ? ... IS SO I WOULD LIKE TO DISABLE THIS SETTING as I don't like automatic debits ...

Thanks, best regards !

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Italian: qui, qua  by AstridMaria   21. Jan 2018   Italian

What's the difference in meaning, or use, between 'qui' and 'qua'? They both mean 'here', but how are they different?


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Russian  by Burt111   4. Jan 2018   Russian

Please give me an example of the following two verbs which clearly shows a difference.

решать and решить

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Teaching children Deutsch  by jayinweninger   2. Feb 2018   German

New to this program!
Is there a program to teach children German? I am looking for a program that teach kids the alphabet along with what each letter sounds like along with numbers, words with pictures. Basically very interactive and at a beginner level. I am wanting something at a kindergarten grade 1 level. Thank you.

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Nederlands sprekers zoeken voor conversatie  by Marie-Marie   23. Jan 2017   Dutch

Ik zoek voor iemand die met me Nederlands wil spreken. En fi heel goed Nedelans spreekt.

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agreement  by Brucenator   31. Jan 2017   Dutch

Example sentence:
"Ik wist niet dat het vandaag je verjaardag is."

Shouldn't this really be "Ik wist niet dat het vandaag je verjaardag was" to show agreement?
wist - past tense of weten;
was - past tense of zijn

"Is" klinkt een beetje krom.

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verschil tussen aanraken en aanroeren  by Brucenator   31. Jan 2017   Dutch

Wat is het verschil eigenlijk tussen aanraken | touch en
aanroeren | touch?

Is er iemand die alstublieft voorbeelden kan geven?

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