Swedish Word: ett hotell
Singular (Definite): hotellet
Plural (Indefinite): hotell
Plural (Definite): hotellen

English Meaning: hotel

Example Sentences:

Gäster och personal tvingades lämna hotellet när en brand bröt ut.
Guests and staff were forced to leave the hotel when a fire broke out.
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Var ligger närmsta hotell?
Where is the nearest hotel?
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Visserligen var hotellet inte så bra, men det var väldigt billigt.
Admittedly, the hotel wasn't very good, but it was very cheap.
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Parken ligger fem minuters promenad från vårt hotell.
The park is a five minute walk from our hotel.
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Hotellet är fullbokat.
The hotel is fully booked.
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En semesterfirare dog efter att ha fallit från en hotellbalkong.
A holidaymaker died after falling from a hotel balcony.
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Hotellet var designat för att se ut som ett slott.
This hotel was designed to look like a castle.
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