German Word: reisen
English Meaning: to travel
Spanish Meaning: viajar
Italian Meaning: viaggiare

Word Forms: gereist, gereiste, reis, reise, reisend, reisest, reiset, reist, reiste, reisten, reistest, reistet

Example Sentences:

Wenn ich Zeit habe, reise ich gern nach Italien.
When I have time I enjoy travelling to Italy.
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Wenn ich ins Ausland reise, nehme ich Kopien meines Reisepasses mit.
When I travel to other countries I bring copies of my passport along with me.
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Mein Traum ist es, um die ganze Welt zu reisen.
My dream is to travel all around the world.
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Reisen muss nicht teuer sein.
Travelling doesn't have to be expensive.
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In Persien reisen Menschen auf fliegenden Teppichen.
In Persia people travel by magic carpets.
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Mit wem bist du nach Istanbul gereist?
With whom did you go to Istanbul?
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Reisen bildet.
Travel broadens the mind. / Travel educates.
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