Swedish Word: ett hem
Singular (Definite): hemmet
Plural (Indefinite): hem
Plural (Definite): hemmen

English Meaning: home

Example Sentences:

Min dotter kom gråtande hem från skolan idag. "Vad har hänt?" frågade jag henne.
My daughter came home from school crying today. "What happened?" I asked her.
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Jag vill gå hem.
I want to go home.
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Vi kom inte hem förrän vid midnatt.
We didn't arrive home until midnight.
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Vi har det inte i lager, men vi kan få hem det inom ett dygn.
We don't have it in stock. But we can get it in 24 hours.
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Varför kommer du inte hem?
Why don't you come home?
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Jag åker hem idag.
I'm going home today.
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