Swedish Word: en biljett
Singular (Definite): biljetten
Plural (Indefinite): biljetter
Plural (Definite): biljetterna

English Meaning: ticket

Example Sentences:

Jag skulle vilja köpa en biljett.
I would like to buy a ticket.
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Jag vill ha en biljett till nästa flyg till München.
I would like to buy a ticket for the next flight to Munich.
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Finns det fortfarande biljetter?
Are tickets still available?
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Två biljetter, tack. En vuxen och ett barn.
Two tickets please. One adult and one child.
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Alla biljetter måste köpas i förväg.
All tickets must be purchased in advance.
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Tågbiljettpriserna kommer att gå upp i januari.
Train fares will rise in January.
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