Swedish Word: man

English Meaning: one (pronoun), you, someone

Example Sentences:

Hur stavar man till det?
How do you spell that?
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Man kan vänja sig vid vad som helst.
One can get used to anything.
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Var kan man få en liten matbit?
Where can I have a little snack?
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Honom kan man lita på.
You can trust him.
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Under 1200-talet hade man dansande björnar i hela Europa.
All of Europe had dancing bears during the 13th century.
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Islam förbjuder att man tar ut räntor på lån.
Islam forbids charging interest on loans.
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Innan planet kunde lyfta var man tvungen att ta bort snön från startbanan.
Before the plane took off, the runway had to be cleared of snow.
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