Swedish Word: etthundra

English Meaning: one hundred

Word Forms: 100

Example Sentences:

Det här trädet är över etthundra år gammalt.
This tree is over one hundred years old.
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Ett stekt ägg innehåller 100 kalorier.
One fried egg contains 100 calories.
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Etthundratusen hushåll är strömlösa.
100.000 homes are without electricity.
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Mark Twains självbiografi publicerades 100 år efter hans död.
Mark Twain's autobiography was published 100 years after his death.
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Är detta 100 % korrekt?
Is this 100% accurate?
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Related Words:


1. one (number) 2. a, an (indefinite article, neuter)

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hundred, one hundred, 100

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