Swedish Word: kaffe
Singular (Definite): kaffet

English Meaning: coffee

Example Sentences:

Kaffe är mycket populärt i Sverige.
Coffee is very popular in Sweden.
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Vill du ha kaffe eller te?
Do you want coffee or tea?
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"God morgon! Vill du ha en kopp kaffe?"
"Good morning! Would you like a cup of coffee?"
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Hon dricker minst två koppar kaffe om dagen.
She drinks at least 2 cups of coffee per day.
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Var försiktig! Kaffet är för hett att dricka.
Be careful! The coffee is too hot to drink.
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Kan jag få lite mer kaffe, tack?
Can I have more coffee, please?
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En kaffe att ta med, tack.
One coffee to go, please.
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