Swedish Word: en tid
Singular (Definite): tiden
Plural (Indefinite): tider
Plural (Definite): tiderna

English Meaning: 1. time 2. appointment

Example Sentences:

Förutom igår var vädret bra hela tiden.
Except yesterday the weather was always good.
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Varför ringer du till mig hela tiden?
Why do you keep calling me?
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Vi har inte så gott om tid.
We don't have much time.
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Hur lång tid tar det?
How long does it take?
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Tid är pengar.
Time is money.
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Efter en lång tid av spekulationer har bolaget presenterat sin nya produkt.
After a long period of speculation the company has introduced their new product.
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För att spara tid så köpte han sitt intyg via Internet.
To save time he bought his diploma through the Internet.
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