Swedish Word: sedan

English Meaning: 1. since 2. later 3. then 4. ago 5. after

Example Sentences:

Sedan hon köpte en bredbilds-tv har livet fått en mening igen.
Since she bought a wide-screen TV, her life has become meaningful again.
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Jag har gått upp i vikt sedan vi träffades senast.
I've put on weight since the last time you saw me.
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"Vi ses sedan", sade han, "jag måste gå nu."
"See you later," he said, "I have to go now."
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Burma har varit en diktatur sedan 1962.
Burma has been under a dictatorship since 1962.
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Han tycker om att arbeta i trädgården sedan han gick i pension.
Since he retired he enjoys working in the garden.
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Sedan hon fött barn hade hon inte längre någon energi.
After giving birth she no longer had any energy.
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Hon opererades för bara en vecka sedan, men hon går redan bra med kryckor.
Her surgery was only last week, but already she's walking well with crutches.
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