Swedish Word: om

English Meaning: 1. about 2. if 3. for 4. in 5. of 6. around 7. per

Example Sentences:

Du måste ta den här medicinen tre gånger om dagen.
You have to take this medicine three times a day.
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Hon gråter varje gång hon pratar om den här filmen.
She cries every time she talks about this movie.
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Jag bryr mig inte om vad du säger, du ljuger bara.
I don't care what you say, you're just lying.
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Jag hade ingen aning om detta.
I never expected this.
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Jag hade ingen aning om det.
I had no idea.
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"Alla i byn pratar om dig." "Det struntar jag i!" sade hon.
"Everyone in the village is talking about you." "I don't care!" she said.
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Jag borde be honom om ursäkt.
I should apologise to him.
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