Swedish Word: ta

English Meaning: 1. to take (sth) 2. to take/attend (a class/course) 3. to put (on)

Word Forms: tagit, tagits, tar, tog

Example Sentences:

Du måste ta den här medicinen tre gånger om dagen.
You have to take this medicine three times a day.
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Han har uppenbarligen roligt och tar inte sin framgång alltför allvarligt.
He is clearly enjoying himself and not taking his success too seriously.
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Han tar en välförtjänt paus.
He's taking a well-earned break.
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Jag ska ta ledigt i helgen.
I will take the weekend off.
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Jag tar en promenad.
I'm going for a walk.
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Hur lång tid tar det?
How long does it take?
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Det tog många år att utveckla den här programvaran.
The development of this software took many years.
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