Swedish Word: de

English Meaning: 1. they 2. the

Example Sentences:

De bokade en resa till USA.
They booked a trip to the US.
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Han har inte de nödvändiga meriterna för det här jobbet.
He doesn't have the necessary qualification for this job.
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De flög till Italien på smekmånad.
On their honeymoon they flew to Italy.
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De gick vilse i skogen.
They got lost in the woods.
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De första olympiska sommarspelen ägde rum 1896 i Grekland.
The Summer Olympic Games took place for the first time in 1896 in Greece.
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De flesta i Polen är katoliker.
Most people in Poland are Catholic.
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Barnen slog sönder rutan när de spelade boll.
The children broke the window while playing ball.
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