Swedish Word: inget
Plural (Indefinite): inga

English Meaning: no, none
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Word Forms: ingen

Example Sentences:

Detta har inget alls med det att göra.
This has absolutely nothing to do with it.
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Sökningen gav inget resultat.
The search didn't show a result.
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Jag hade ingen aning om detta.
I never expected this.
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Jag ringer tillbaka senare. Inga problem.
I will call you back later. No problem.
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Det finns inget botemedel mot diabetes.
There is no cure for diabetes.
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Det finns inget sorgligare än en ung pessimist.
There is nothing sadder than a young pessimist.
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Inget parti har lyckats säkra en majoritet i valet.
No party has been able to secure a majority in the elections.
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