Great Music and Beer at Akkurat

The Akkurat is an especially great bar to visit for beer or for music. Located on the ultra-hip island of Södermalm, the Akkurat provides a wide variety of food and drink options. In the summer, there is an open porch for enjoying the fresh air and watching street traffic. Inside the bar, the walls are covered with beer-related memorabilia. The beer list offers beers of many different types during all seasons of the year. For instance, during one evening one may sample an imperial pale ale, a sour Belgian beer, as well as a mildly hoppy porter. As a special treat, they always offer a cask ale. The beer list rotates regularly and features breweries from across Europe and America. On the wall in front of the bar, the beers on tap are listed along with their provenance, price, and alcohol content. However, the printed menu contains their world-unique beer choices such as beers that they have aged on the premises for years. If you want an excuse to check it out, Sunday evenings are a good day to stop in. Every Sunday evening, the bar hosts a free concert with distant or local musicians. On many Sundays, the restaurant is packed with enthusiastic beer-drinkers and music-lovers - offering standing-room only. It is interesting to see a large crowd of native Stockholmers excited for a night of music. Some excellent American touring bands have stopped in on their way through Europe to give a show to enthusiastic Stockholmers. Although I am an American by birth, some of the best American bands that I have seen were at the Akkurat. On other occasions, accomplished Swedish musicians take the stage. The style of music rotates from rock and roll to country to blues and jazz. Despite the rotation of styles, the musicianship and showmanship are consistently strong. Check out this Stockholm bar, for the taste of a unique beer and some excellent music.