Spanish Word: la cabeza
English Meaning: head
German Meaning: Kopf

Example Sentences:

Me duele la cabeza.
I have a headache.
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La Reina es la cabeza oficial de la Iglesia de Inglaterra.
The Queen is the official head of the Church of England.
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Cuidado con la cabeza al entrar en la casa.
Watch your head when you enter the house.
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¿Está perdiendo la cabeza?
Is she losing her mind?
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Él asiente con la cabeza.
He nods his head in agreement.
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¡Ten cuidado con la cabeza cuando entres en la casa!
Watch your head when you enter the house!
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Al contrario de la creencia popular, el avestruz no esconde la cabeza bajo la tierra.
Contrary to popular belief the ostrich does not hide its head in the sand.
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