Spanish Word: rojo
Plural: rojos
Feminine: roja
Plural (Feminine): rojas
English Meaning: red
German Meaning: rot

Example Sentences:

¿Prefieres la falda azul o la roja?
Do you prefer the blue skirt or the red one?
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Le regaló tres rosas rojas.
He gave her three red roses.
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El color rojo representa energía y pasión.
The colour red represents energy and passion.
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La zona roja es peligroso de noche. ¡Ten cuidado!
The red-light district is dangerous at night. Be careful!
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¡Para! ¡El semáforo está en rojo!
Stop! The traffic light is red!
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¿Te gustan las rosas de color rojo o rosa?
Do you like red or pink roses?
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En octubre, las hojas se vuelven rojas y amarillas.
In October, leaves turn red and yellow.
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