Spanish Word: ver
English Meaning: 1. to see 2. to watch
German Meaning: sehen

Word Forms: ve, vea, veamos, veía, véis, vemos, ven, veo, vera, veran, verás, veré, veremos, verla, verle, verlo, verme, verse, verte, ves, ví, vi, viendo, vieron, vimos, vio, viste, visto, vistos

Example Sentences:

Quiero verte.
I want to see you.
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Cuando llegué al coche vi que me habían puesto una multa.
When I got to my car I saw I had been given a ticket.
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En el Sur, he visto mares llenos de color.
In the South, I've seen colourful seas.
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¿Viste a mi hermana ayer?
Did you see my sister yesterday?
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Quiero ver al gerente.
I want to see the manager.
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Vi a alguien salir del edificio esta mañana.
I saw somebody leaving the building this morning.
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Quiero ir al zoo para ver un león.
I want to go to the zoo to see a lion.
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