Spanish Word: el mundo
English Meaning: world
German Meaning: die Welt
Italian Meaning: mondo

Example Sentences:

Me gustaría dar la vuelta al mundo en barco.
I would like to go round the world by boat.
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Nuestros clientes son de todas las partes del mundo.
Our customers are from all over the world.
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La iglesia quiere la paz en el mundo.
The church wants peace in the world.
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El fútbol es uno de los deportes más populares del mundo.
Football is one of the most popular sports in the world.
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Aprender español tiene muchos beneficios, puedes viajar a muchos lugares en el mundo y comunicarte con la gente.
Learning Spanish has many benefits, you can travel to many places in the world and communicate with people.
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Muchas personas no están contentas con la situación actual del mundo.
Many people are unhappy with the current situation in the world.
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El desierto más grande del mundo está en el Norte de África.
The largest desert in the world is in North Africa.
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