Spanish Word: cerca
English Meaning: nearby, close
German Meaning: 1. in der Nähe, nahe 2. (la cerca) Zaun

Example Sentences:

Hay una parada de autobús cerca.
There is a bus stop nearby.
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Hay un bar por aquí cerca, al final de esta calle.
There is a bar near here, at the end of this street.
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El restaurante queda cerca.
The restaurant is nearby.
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Aquel sitio estaba cerca de la estación de tren.
That place was near the railway station.
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Los cuervos viven en áreas abiertas cerca de árboles.
Crows live in open areas near trees.
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Cerca de aquí hay un mercado grande.
There is a big market nearby.
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¿Hay algún cibercafé cerca de aquí?
Is there an Internet café close by?
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