Spanish Word: esperar
English Meaning: 1. to wait 2. to hope 3. to expect
German Meaning: 1. warten, erwarten 2. hoffen

Word Forms: espera, esperaba, esperabas, esperado, esperamos, esperan, esperando, esperaron, esperas, espere, espéreme, esperen, espero

Example Sentences:

Hay que esperar la señal.
It is necessary to wait for the signal.
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Estuve esperando a mi amigo en el bar, pero no vino.
I was waiting for my friend at the bar, but he didn't come.
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Esperaron a que pasara la tormenta.
They waited for the storm to pass.
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Espero que te guste.
I hope you like it.
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Si eres educado, se espera que digas "de nada" cuando uno te dice "gracias".
If you are polite, you are expected to say "you're welcome" when one says "thank you".
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Espero que tengas una buena razón para dejarlo todo.
I hope that you have a good reason to leave everything.
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¡Chequéame el correo, por favor! Estoy esperando una carta importante.
Check the mail for me, please! I'm waiting for an important letter.
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