Spanish Word: salir
English Meaning: 1. to leave 2. to come out, to step out 3. to work out 4. to go out 5. to date with sb 6. to rise (sun)
German Meaning: weggehen, ausgehen

Word Forms: sal, saldrá, sale, salen, salga, salgas, salido, saliendo, saliera, salieron, salimos, salió

Example Sentences:

Vi a alguien salir del edificio esta mañana.
I saw somebody leaving the building this morning.
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La norma es que no se sale después de las 10 de la noche.
The rule is not to go out after 10 p.m.
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¿No tienes ganas de salir? Pues no salgas.
You don't feel like going out? Then don't go.
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Acaba de salir de una enfermedad gravísima.
He has just recovered from a very serious illness.
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¿Me das permiso para salir esta noche?
Can I get permission to go out tonight?
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¡El tren sale en 10 minutos así que tenemos que correr!
The train leaves in ten minutes so we have to run!
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Cometimos un error, el tren no sale a las 3pm, los sábados sale a las 3.30.
We made a mistake, the train doesn't leave at 3pm, on Saturdays it leaves at 3.30.
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