Spanish Word: limpiar
English Meaning: to clean
German Meaning: reinigen, putzen

Word Forms: limpia, limpiara, límpiate, limpie

Example Sentences:

Si me ayudas a limpiar, te invito a cenar.
If you help me clean up, I'll invite you out for dinner.
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Yo uso este producto para limpiar las ventanas.
I use this product to clean the windows.
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Cada vez que uses la cocina la tienes que limpiar.
Every time that you use the kitchen you must clean it.
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Límpiate los pies antes de entrar a la casa.
Wipe your feet before you go indoors.
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¿Podrías limpiar la pecera, por favor?
Can you clean the fish tank, please?
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Ella deseaba que él limpiara alguna vez el baño sin pedírselo.
She wished he would occasionally clean the bathroom without being asked.
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Por favor, limpie nuestra mesa.
Please wipe the table for us.
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