Spanish Word: este
English Meaning: this
German Meaning: 1. dieses, diese 2. Osten, östlich
Italian Meaning: est

Example Sentences:

Me gusta este piso muchísimo.
I like this flat very much.
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¿Cuántas páginas tiene este libro?
How many pages are there in this book?
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Este sistema operativo no sirve para nada.
This operating system is no use at all.
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Dicen que, de vez en cuando, en este pueblo aparecen extraterrestres.
It is said that sometimes aliens appear in this village.
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¿Cuántos libros has leído este año?
How many books have you read this year?
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La educación en este colegio es muy buena.
The education in this college is very good.
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Este pescado es de buena calidad.
This fish is of good quality.
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