Spanish Word: mi
English Meaning: mine, my
German Meaning: mein, meine, meiner
Spanish Meaning: mío, mía

Word Forms: mis

Example Sentences:

Me he dejado mi teléfono móvil en la oficina.
I left my cell phone in the office.
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Te quiero con todo mi corazón.
I love you with all my heart.
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El perro de mi abuela se llama Max.
My grandmother's dog is called Max.
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Mis primos son más jóvenes que yo.
My cousins are younger than me.
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Estuve esperando a mi amigo en el bar, pero no vino.
I was waiting for my friend at the bar, but he didn't come.
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Mi tío tiene una casa en México.
My uncle owns a house in Mexico.
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Mi actor preferido es Antonio Banderas.
My favourite actor is Antonio Banderas.
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