Spanish Word: la
English Meaning: 1. the (feminine singular) 2. it 3. you 4. her
German Meaning: die

Example Sentences:

Tengo la culpa de todo.
It is all my fault.
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La catedral de Barcelona es de estilo gótico.
The cathedral in Barcelona is of Gothic style.
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Hay que coger la primera calle a la derecha.
You need to take the first street on the right.
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El cenicero está entre el sillón y la lámpara.
The ashtray is in between the armchair and the lamp.
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Hay que esperar la señal.
It is necessary to wait for the signal.
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Mire, la farmacia está al lado del banco.
Look, the pharmacy is next to the bank.
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Su primer hijo nació la semana pasada.
Her first son was born last week.
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