Spanish Word: el coche
Plural: coches
English Meaning: car
German Meaning: Auto

Example Sentences:

Las llaves del coche están sobre la tele.
The car keys are on top of the telly.
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Cuando llegué al coche vi que me habían puesto una multa.
When I got to my car I saw I had been given a ticket.
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¿Dónde has aparcado el coche?
Where did you park the car?
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Hay que poner gasolina al coche.
We have to put gas in the car.
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El coche de mi padre es blanco.
My father's car is white.
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Mi coche está a la venta.
My car is on sale.
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Carlos tiene algunos problemas con su coche. Necesita uno nuevo.
Charles has some problems with his car. He needs a new one.
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