A good deed

Un boy scout llegó media hora tarde a una reunión.

A boy scout was half an hour late for a meeting.
Su amigo le preguntó: "¿Por qué llegas tan tarde?"

His friend asked: "Why are you so late?"
"Estaba ayudando a un anciano a cruzar la calle", le respondió.

"I was helping an old man cross the street", he answered.
"Eso es algo bueno que hacer", le dijo su amigo. "¿Pero media hora tarde por eso?"

"That's a nice thing to do," said his friend. "But half an hour late because of that?"
"Bueno, el problema era que él no quería cruzar la calle", le respondió.

"Well, the problem was he didn't want to cross the street", he answered.

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