The red scarf

"Peter, ¿has visto mi bufanda roja?"

"Peter, have you seen my red scarf?"
"No, lo siento, no la he visto."

"No, I'm sorry, I haven't seen it."
"Espero no haberla perdido. Es mi favorita."

"I hope I did not lose it. It is my favourite."
"¿La llevabas hoy?"

"Were you wearing it today?"
"Sí, la llevaba puesta cuando fui al supermercado. Pero no recuerdo habérmela quitado."

"Yes, I had it on when I went to the supermarket. But I don't remember taking it off."
"Quizás la metieras en tu bolso."

"Maybe you put it in your bag."
"Tienes razón. Aquí está. Gracias, Peter."

"You are right. Here it is. Thank you, Peter."
"De nada."

"You're welcome."

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