Portuguese Word: sofrer
English Meaning: to suffer, to bear, to endure

Word Forms: sofra, sofrais, sofram, soframos, sofras, sofre, sofrei, sofreis, sofrem, sofremos, sofrendo, sofrera, sofrerá, sofreram, sofrêramos, sofrerão, sofrerás, sofreras, sofrerdes, sofrerei, sofrêreis, sofrereis, sofrerem, sofreremos, sofreres, sofreria, sofreriam, sofreríamos, sofrerias, sofreríeis, sofrermos, sofres, sofresse, sofrêsseis, sofressem, sofrêssemos, sofresses, sofreste, sofrestes, sofreu, sofri, sofria, sofriam, sofríamos, sofrias, sofrida, sofridas, sofrido, sofridos, sofríeis, sofro

Example Sentences:

Ele sofre de uma doença rara.
He suffers from a rare disease.
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Ela sofreu um aborto no terceiro mês.
She had a miscarriage in the third month.
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Minha esposa sofreu um aborto.
My wife had a miscarriage.
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Ela sofreu um aborto.
She had an abortion. (She had a miscarriage.)
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Ele sofreu uma cirurgia de ponte de safena.
He underwent a heart bypass operation.
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Ela sofreu queimaduras graves.
She suffered severe burns.
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Ela começou a sofrer de asma aos cinco anos.
She developed asthma when she was five.
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