Portuguese Word: na
English Meaning: in (the), on (the), at (the) (feminine singular)

Example Sentences:

As temperaturas na França permanecem acima dos 30ºC.
Temperatures in France have remained over 30C.
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Eu aprendo muito na universidade.
I learn a lot at the university.
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Meu site na Web está finalmente online.
My web site is finally online.
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O animal morreu na noite passada.
The animal died last night.
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Eles se perderam na floresta.
They got lost in the woods.
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Na Grã Bretanha, os crimes graves são julgados pelo Tribunal da Coroa.
In Great Britain serious offences are tried in the Crown Court.
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Muitos ursos marrons vivem na Romênia.
Many brown bears live in Romania.
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