Portuguese Word: bravo
Feminine: brava
Plural: bravos
Plural (Feminine): bravas
English Meaning: 1. brave, courageous 2. furious, angry

Example Sentences:

Você ainda está bravo comigo?
Are you still angry with me?
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Ela estava tão brava que seu corpo todo tremia.
She was so angry that her whole body was shaking.
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Ele estava tão bravo que gritou com ela.
He was so angry that he yelled at her.
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Ele quase se afogou no mar bravo.
He almost drowned in the rough sea.
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"Você é tão ingrato!", ele disse bravo.
"You are so ungrateful!" he said angrily.
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"Eu não gosto de dois pesos e duas medidas", disse ele bravo.
"I don't like double standards," he said angrily.
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