Portuguese Word: bem
Plural: bens
English Meaning: 1. good 2. asset 3. well 4. (informal) dear, darling, love 5. much 6. very 7. right

Example Sentences:

Eu não me sinto bem.
I don't feel well.
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Está tudo bem?
Is everything okay?
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Ele não consegue lidar com críticas muito bem.
He can't cope with criticism very well.
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Não se preocupe. Tudo vai terminar bem.
Don't worry, it will work out fine.
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Eu quero me mudar para o interior! Mudar a paisagem nos faria bem.
I want to move to the countryside! A change of scenery will do us good.
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O meu chefe já passou dos 50 anos, mas ainda parece bem jovem.
My boss is already over 50, but he still looks very young.
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Uma lebre pode correr bem rápido.
A hare can run very fast.
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