Portuguese Word: dele
English Meaning: 1. his, of his, from him, of him 2. it

Example Sentences:

Ele renovou o passaporte dele ontem.
He renewed his passport yesterday.
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O carro é o orgulho e a alegria dele.
The car is his pride and joy.
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Ele faz o que quer apesar do que os pais dele dizem.
He does what he wants regardless of what his parents say.
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Ele não ama mais a esposa dele.
He doesn't love his wife anymore.
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Os criminosos arrombaram a casa dele enquanto ele esteve fora por três meses.
The criminals had broken into his house while he was away for three months.
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Os ferimentos dele representavam risco de vida.
His injuries were life-threatening.
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Ele escreveu uma longa carta à esposa dele.
He wrote a long letter to his wife.
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