Portuguese Word: presidente m.
Plural: presidentes
English Meaning: president, prime minister

Example Sentences:

A maioria dos americanos considera o novo presidente muito bom.
The majority of US-Americans believe that the new president is very good.
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O presidente se recusou a renunciar.
The president refused to step down.
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Ele alega que o presidente venceu por fraude de votos.
He claims that the president won through vote fraud.
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Após a revolta na Tunísia, o presidente fugiu do país.
Following the uprising in Tunisia, the president fled the country.
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Douglas Hyde foi o primeiro presidente da Irlanda.
Douglas Hyde was the first President of Ireland.
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A tentativa de assassinar o presidente foi impedida.
The assassination attempt on the president was prevented.
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Antes de virar presidente ele era advogado.
Prior to becoming president he was a barrister.
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