Portuguese Word: morrer
English Meaning: to die

Word Forms: morra, morrais, morram, morramos, morras, morre, morrei, morreis, morrem, morremos, morrendo, morrera, morrerá, morreram, morrêramos, morrerão, morrerás, morreras, morrerdes, morrerei, morrêreis, morrereis, morrerem, morreremos, morreres, morreria, morreriam, morreríamos, morrerias, morreríeis, morrermos, morres, morresse, morrêsseis, morressem, morrêssemos, morresses, morreste, morrestes, morreu, morri, morria, morriam, morríamos, morrias, morrida, morridas, morrido, morridos, morríeis, morro, morta, mortas, morto, mortos

Example Sentences:

Cerca de 30 pessoas morreram devido à onda de calor.
About 30 people have died in the heatwave.
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O animal morreu na noite passada.
The animal died last night.
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O enterro ocorreu uma semana após ela ter morrido.
The funeral was one week after she died.
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Quase 3000 pessoas morreram durante os ataques de 11 de setembro.
Nearly 3000 people died during the September 11 attacks.
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Ele morreu de SIDA em 1989.
He died of AIDS in 1989.
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Michael Jackson morreu aos cinquenta anos de idade.
Michael Jackson died at the age of fifty.
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Ele morreu de overdose acidental de medicamentos.
He died of an accidental overdose of drugs.
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