Portuguese Word: mudar
English Meaning: 1. to change, to modify 2. to move

Word Forms: muda, mudada, mudadas, mudado, mudados, mudai, mudais, mudam, mudamos, mudámos, mudando, mudará, mudara, mudaram, mudáramos, mudarão, mudarás, mudaras, mudardes, mudarei, mudáreis, mudareis, mudarem, mudaremos, mudares, mudaria, mudariam, mudaríamos, mudarias, mudaríeis, mudarmos, mudas, mudasse, mudásseis, mudassem, mudássemos, mudasses, mudaste, mudastes, mudava, mudavam, mudávamos, mudavas, mudáveis, mude, mudei, mudeis, mudem, mudemos, mudes, mudo, mudou

Example Sentences:

Eu quero me mudar para o interior! Mudar a paisagem nos faria bem.
I want to move to the countryside! A change of scenery will do us good.
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Por favor, me avise se mudar de ideia.
Please let me know if you change your mind.
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Meu primo acaba de mudar para Seattle.
My cousin just moved to Seattle.
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O camaleão muda de cor conforme o ambiente.
The chameleon can change colour according to its surroundings.
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Tudo pode mudar em um piscar de olhos.
In the blink of an eye everything can change.
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Você precisa mudar seus hábitos!
You have to change your habits!
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O vírus da gripe muda todo ano.
The flu virus changes every year.
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