English Sentence:

Due to black ice the vehicle left the road, but apart from a small dent nothing happened.

Portuguese Translation:

O carro saiu da estrada devido ao gelo negro, mas não houve nada além de uma pequena batida.

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Words used:


1. the (masculine singular) 2. him 3. them 4. it 5. those

Here: the (masculine singular)

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carro m.   (Pl: carros)


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1. to go out 2. to leave 3. to quit 4. to come out 5. to go out with (romantic relationship) 6. to get out

Here: to leave

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of the, from the (feminine singular)

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estrada f.   (Pl: estradas)

road, motorway, highway

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1. due 2. payable

Here: due

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ao   (Pl: aos, Fem: a, à, Pl Fem: as, às)

1. in the, for the, at the, to the, of the 2. when 3. on

Here: in the, for the, at the, to the, of the

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gelo m.


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negro   (Pl: negros, Fem: negra, Pl Fem: negras)


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but, however

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1. no 2. not 3. do not 4. did not 5. will not 6. does not

Here: not

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1. to have 2. to own 3. to exist

Here: to exist

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nada m.

1. nothing 2. not at all

Here: nothing

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1. besides, in addition 2. beyond

Here: besides, in addition

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1. of 2. from 3. to 4. in 5. than 6. by 7. on 8. for

Here: of

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a, an (feminine singular)

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pequeno   (Pl: pequenos, Fem: pequena, Pl Fem: pequenas)

small, little

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batida f.   (Pl: batidas)

1. crash (noun) 2. (type of popular Brazilian cocktail, a mix of spirits with fruit and condensed milk) 3. knock (noun)

Here: crash (noun)

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