Cats and lilies

"안녕 Edith!"

"an nyung Edith!"

"Hi Edith!"
"안녕 Jack! 오, 꽃 샀네."

"an nyung Jack! o, kot sat ne."

"Hi Jack! Oh, you bought flowers."
"응! 예쁘지 않아?"

"eung! ye peu ji an a?"

"Yes! Aren't they beautiful?"

"bek hap i ya?"

"Are these lilies?"
"응, 왜?"

"eung, we?"

"Yes, why?"
"난 고양이가 있어!"

"nan go yang i ga it suh!"

"I have a cat!"
"무슨 말이야?"

"moo seun mal i ya?"

"What are you talking about?"
"백합은 고양이한테 독이 된단 말이야!"

"bek hap eun go yang i han te dok i dwen dan mal i ya!"

"Lilies are toxic to cats!"
"진짜? 몰랐어!"

"jin cha? mol lat suh!"

"Really? I didn't know that!"

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