Two Englishmen

두 영국인이 골프를 치고 있다.

Two Englishmen are playing golf.
장례 행렬이 지나가자 한 영국인이 모자를 벗고 몇 초 동안 가만히 있는다.

As a funeral procession passes by, one of the Englishmen takes off his hat and remains motionless for a few seconds.
"굉장히 예절 바르네", 다른 사람이 얘기한다.

"That was very polite", says the other one.
"예절 바르다니?", 그가 생각에 잠겨 대답한다, "며칠 있으면 우리 결혼한 지 25년째야!"

"What do you mean with polite?", he answers thoughtfully, "in a few days we would have been married for 25 years!"

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