The art of cooking

Michael: 안녕 Aaron! 잘 지냈어?

Michael: Hello Aaron! How are you?
Aaron: 응 잘 지냈어 고마워! 너 살 좀 쪘니?

Aaron: Good thanks! Did you put on weight?
Michael: 응 조금. 그래 보여?

Michael: A little bit yes. Is it easy to see?
Aaron: 응 미안!

Aaron: Yes I'm afraid!
Michael: 오, 나 집에서 나온 다음부터 패스트푸드만 먹어.

Michael: Oh, since I moved out I only eat fast food.
Aaron: 너 요리 못 해?

Aaron: You can't cook?
Michael: 응, 우리 엄마가 항상 요리하셨어.

Michael: No, my mother always cooked.
Aaron: 우리 엄마는 내가 어렸을 때부터 요리하는 거 시켰는데.

Aaron: My mother forced me to help cooking since I was a little kid.
Michael: 오, 그럼 너 요리 진짜 잘 하겠다.

Michael: Oh, then you surely can cook very well.
Aaron: 응! 내가 가르쳐 줄 수 있는데. 내일 들러. 내가 간단한 요리 만드는 거 가르쳐 줄게.

Aaron: Yes sure! I can teach you that. Drop by tomorrow and I'll teach you how to cook simple dishes!
Michael: 좋아! 8시쯤?

Michael: Okay! Around 8 o'clock?
Aaron: 응! 그때 봐!

Aaron: All right! Until then!

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