English Sentence:

It gets very cold in January.

Korean Translation:

1월에는 굉장히 추워집니다.

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Words used:


1. month 2. moon 3. Monday

Here: month

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1. at, to, by, on, in (particle after place, time or object) 2. because of (particle after noun or gerund to add reason) 3. for (particle after noun or gerund to add 'purpose')

Here: at, to, by (particle after place, time or object)

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1. (subject particle) 2. (particle to add emphasis) 3. (particle after a verb to modify a noun, present tense) 4. (verb ending for present tense)

Here: (particle after word to add emphasis)

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gweng jang ha da

great, tremendous, marvelous

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(particle to make adjective adverb)

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choop da

cold (weather), chilly

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ji da

1. to become, to get (comes with adjective) 2. (comes with verb to add passive meaning) 3. to fall, to lose 4. to carry, to owe

Here: to happen

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ni da

(statement ending in formal tone)

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