English Sentence:

Goodbye! I will miss you!

Korean Translation:

안녕히 가세요! 너무 보고 싶을 거예요!

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Words used:

안녕히 가세요

an nyung hi ga se yo

Goodbye! (when the other person is leaving)

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nuh moo

1. so (much) 2. too (much)

Here: so (much)

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bo da

1. to see, to look at, to watch 2. to try -ing 3. than (in comparison) 4. to take (a test) 5. (particle to add meaning of intention) 6. (particle to add meaning of experience) 7. (particle to add meaning of personal guess)

Here: to see, to look at, to watch

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고 싶다

go ship da

to hope to, to want to

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gut i da

will, be going to (coming after verb to make future tense)

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