English Sentence:

I used to love playing this game when I was your age!

Korean Translation:

내가 네 나이 때 이 게임을 정말 좋아했었어!

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Words used:


1. I, me (casual) 2. (particle after word to add meaning of 'however') 3. (particle after noun to add meaning of 'as well', 'too') 4. (particle after word to add meaning of 'so much') 5. or 6. (particle after verb or adjective to make question, casual)

Here: I, me (casual)

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1. (subject particle) 2. edge, rim 3. person, man 4. family 5. (particle after word to add emphasis) 6. if it is (something) or not 7. (particle after verb to add meaning of 'while or when') 8. district 9. price 10. fake 11. street

Here: (subject particle)

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1. yes (polite) 2. (particle to complete a sentence when expressing one's feelings and thoughts) 3. one's house 4. four (number 4) 5. your 6. all

Here: your

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na i


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1. dirt, filth (on one or one's clothes) 2. time, occasion 3. when

Here: when

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1. (subject particle) 2. this 3. (particle after verb or adjective to make adverb) 4. tooth, teeth 5. two, 2 (hanja) 6. lice 7. person (particle after younger/same age person's name) 8. with 9. ear 10. different

Here: this

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ge im


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1. (object particle) 2. (particle in verb to add meaning of 'perhaps') 3. (particle after a verb or an adjective to modify a noun, future tense)

Here: (object particle)

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jung mal

1. truth, honesty 2. really, truly

Here: really, truly

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jo a ha da

to like, to favor

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ut suh yo

(sentence ending in the past tense, it comes after a verb that ends with a bottom consonant)

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